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Time Sharing & Parenting Plans in Orlando

Finding Legal Solutions for Parents and Children

Whether representing parents in a divorce or advising unmarried parents in child-related legal concerns, child custody and visitation (time sharing) matters can be emotional, frustrating, and overwhelming. At the family law office of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC, our Orlando attorney and team attentively listen to our clients' concerns, help them understand how custody matters are viewed and handled by the court, and help them achieve a solution that is in alignment with their goals and the best interests of their children.

Our firm is led by Greg Colvin, who has more than 25 years of experience handling complex family law cases. We stay on top of changes in Florida laws and work hard to preserve our clients' interests. We also recognize that the issues being decided will impact the futures of clients and their families. This is why we diligently keep our clients updated and involved through every step of the legal process.

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Determining Child Custody and Time Sharing

Changing its approach to child-related family law matters, Florida no longer uses terms such as child custody, sole custody, primary parent, secondary parent, visitation or other commonly used terms. Believing that shared parenting is, in most instances, in the best interests of the children, Florida courts now follow a time-sharing model.

In each case, parents must present a time-sharing plan/parenting plan to the court outlining important issues such as:

  • - How parents will communicate
  • - How holidays and school breaks will be divided
  • - How day-to-day decisions and important decisions will be handled
  • - What time each parent will spend with the child/children
  • - Where the child will primarily reside or if the child will have equal residence with each parent

Many counties have a standard parenting plan that can be used or modified as parents choose when making such important decisions. We work closely with clients to help them create a thorough, fair parenting plan that fully addresses all aspects of time sharing. Additionally, if an agreement cannot be reached, we are experienced at representing clients through mediation or advocating for their interests in trial.

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