Rights of Out of State Parents

Representing Out-of-State Parents in Florida

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When our national economy is in flux, people tend to vote with their feet. Some might move to where they can find a job, or get a better job. Florida is no exception. Despite our desirable weather, Florida recently had its first population decline since 1946.

When a parent relocates to another state and takes the children - you might be wondering what rights does the out-of-state parent have? This is a complicated issue and one with which I have dealt on more than one occasion. Talk to our Orlando attorney at R. Gregory Colvin, LLC to learn more. We have represented mothers and fathers in divorce and child custody (parental timesharing) disputes as well as parental relocation disputes and mediations.

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Rights of Out-of-State Parents

Whether you are the one who moved or the one who stayed behind, you have parental rights as the non-custodial parent. You have the right to spend time with your children and the right to maintain a close relationship with them. The court views your rights in terms of what is in the best interest of the child. Currently, the court favors two parents with roughly equal timesharing and decision making.

When one parent is out of state, a skilled attorney can help make arrangements to provide for ongoing contact with your children:

  1. Provide extended time with the non-custodial parent (extended holidays and the majority of the summer vacation)
  2. Court-ordered webcams for frequent "face to face" communication with the child or children
  3. The parent who moved away may be required to pay for the travel costs to transport the child or children to the non-custodial parent's location.

When a marriage ends, parenting responsibilities and rights do not. You can work to maintain your parental rights with the help of our Orlando attorney. Call today to schedule your free consultation!

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