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Some of the most hotly contested family law disputes are those that involve money and children. Child support disputes deal with both of these topics. The Florida court system no longer provides mothers with favorable treatment when determining child custody. In fact, reforms and efforts implemented in recent years have supported equal consideration between mothers and fathers for issues such as time-sharing and custody. This is important, as the amount of parenting time and overnight stays with each parent can play a key role in determining child support arrangements.

These are the main factors that are considered in the child support guidelines:

  • Both parents' monthly net income
  • The number of children the order is seeking to support
  • Payments made to support other children
  • The amount of medical, dental, and vision costs paid by each parent per month
  • The proportion of daycare costs paid by each parent
  • The number of overnight stays the child spends with each parent

Child Support Calculator

The critical factor is the last one - the percentage of overnight stays. Judges do not have a great deal of discretion in adjusting the formula. It is important to enter all the information correctly into the formula or the child support payment will be inaccurate. Make sure you work with a knowledgeable child support lawyer to ensure your rights and child's interests are protected.

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Retroactive Child Support

In cases of retroactive child support, the court can require support up to two years prior to a couple’s separation. It is also important to note, that child support can be enforced regardless of marital status; an unmarried parent is also held responsible for the well-being of his/her child. Once paternity is determined, the court will rule on this issue.

Modifying Changes in Child Support

Parents can request a modification to their child support order for a number of reasons.

Concerns or situations which can potentially arise during the modification process include:

  • Attempting to hide assets or income - Parents must be forthcoming and thorough with their financial disclosures. Those who attempt to conceal assets or omit certain key financial information can be held in contempt of court.
  • Substantial decreases in income - A modification can be requested if a parent's income drops to a level that makes it difficult or impossible to afford the agreed-upon amount. Parents who simply stop paying child support can result in enforcement actions and possible jail time.
  • A change in the number of overnight stays - If issues should arise that cause a parent to have to alter their number of overnight stays, a modification can be sought.

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