Parents: You May Want to Reconsider Moving Away!

Parents: You May Want to Reconsider Moving Away!

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 18-May-2020

When people get a divorce, their lives usually change a lot. If you’re getting a divorce, your life will probably look very different five years from now. When marriages die, new relationships are born. Often, a divorce is a springing board for a new career, a new marriage, and even a whole new life. As such, it’s not uncommon for divorcing parents to want to move out of the area that they lived in with their former spouses.

Are you on the fence about moving away? If you’re a non-custodial parent thinking about moving out of the county or the state, you may want to seriously reconsider moving until your children are at least 18. “But why?” you might ask. Read on as we explain the argument against moving in more detail.

Reasons to think twice about relocating:

  • You may think that your relationship with your kids will remain intact, but that’s hardly the case. Distance does affect parent-child relationships, often for the worse.
  • If you move out of state, visiting your children or flying them to your new home can get expensive. It may sound simple, but in reality, it may be very costly and inconvenient.
  • As your children get older, they may prefer to stay home with friends than visit you in a far off place.
  • If your ex or their family believe your move is “selfish,” they may project those feelings on your children and your kids may resent you for leaving them.
  • You will inevitably miss out on a lot. While FaceTime and Skype are great inventions, they are just not the same as being in-person with your kids.
  • Your kids may feel very hurt that you move away, leaving them to feel abandoned by you.
  • Your children may smile and act like they support your decision to move, but they may not want to hurt you and instead, they’re being very dishonest about their feelings.

Only you know your children and how they will react to your move. No matter the reason, whether it’s for a new job, a new marriage, or simply a change of scenery, we urge you to pause and put a lot of thought into relocating. All too often, when a parent moves away, it has adverse effects on their relationship with their children. Of course, that’s not an absolute, but something to think about before boxing up your belongings.

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