Co-Parenting & Spring Break

Co-Parenting & Spring Break

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 5-Mar-2019

Sharing Vacation Time with Your Ex-Spouse

Many students are currently on spring break, and if not, it is fast approaching. If you are sharing time with your ex-spouse this spring break, you might need a little help in the planning department as you try to schedule family time away, fun trips to amusement parks, or how you are juggling daycare and working. School breaks are often harder than the regular school year, because they differ from your routine. Read the tips below to learn about ways that you can share custody with your ex this spring break.

5 Ideas for Co-Parenting This Spring Break

If you need help thinking of ways to civilly share custody of your kids, and still have fun, this spring break, keep the 5 ideas below in mind and above everything, try to have fun. Your children are only young once—make the most of every day with them.

  1. Put the kids first: If your co-parent has something fun planned and you don’t, let the kids go! Put their needs and wants first, and don’t keep them from having fun just to spite your ex. On the other hand, your ex should do the same. If you run into trouble, agree to switch off, or to share the next break. If all else fails, refer to your custody agreement.
  2. Split spring break in half: If neither of you has a week-long vacation planned, split the week in half to allow your kids a few days with each parent, and to minimize time off work for both of you.
  3. Be flexible: If your ex has family in town and wants to share “your” days with his relatives, or they have something planned that overlaps, be respectful of your ex and his or her family and try to be flexible. Think of the memories that your child can make while out-of-town relatives are around.
  4. Do something together: If there is an opportunity for both parents to be in the same place, even including new spouses, your children will benefit. Being able to spend time all together is rare and showing your kids that you are OK sharing space is a huge step towards fostering a healthy childhood.
  5. Visit family: If neither you or your ex can take time off work, consider letting your kids visit family. If there are grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other relatives nearby, why not give them a new place to explore?

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If you are facing a divorce, or are already divorced, our attorneys can help you with issues in child custody, or can work with you to set up a custody arrangement that speaks for vacations, school breaks, and any other time-management arrangements with your children. We understand that sharing those first few spring breaks can be contentious and frustrating, and maybe even a little sad. We can help you keep the focus on your kids while maximizing your time with them. Let our experienced attorneys at R. Gregory Colvin, LLC give you the legal counsel you need and provide some ideas for shared custody that will benefit everyone involved.

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