Apps for Co-Parenting

Apps for Co-Parenting

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 22-Mar-2019

Technological advances have taken us far in the world of communication between divorced parents. There are now a dozen or more apps that allow for court monitored, regulated communication and calendar sharing for co-parents. With these tools, you can communicate with an ex who normally might be volatile. Arrange pick up’s and drop-off’s, doctor and dentist visits, and all your child’s activities on one central calendar with the apps below.

5 Co-Parenting Tools

The 5 apps listed below provide tools for co-parenting with ease. Use these for scheduling, planning vacations or activities, and communicating with your ex.

  1. Coparently: This app allows you to schedule using a joint calendar, track expenses for your child, store medical records and contact information for your child’s doctors, teachers and friends, and can even include your child for communicating with the whole family.
  2. Cozi: This app has pages for to-do’s, scheduling, journaling, birthdays, and shopping for your child. It can be accessed by parent’s, new spouses and your children for centralized communication. Cozi is also free!
  3. Custody Exchange: This app helps to plan and keep track of how much time is spent with each parent, and can be linked to your Google calendar, Outlook, or iPhone for easy exporting of calendar information or printable records.
  4. Life360: This app uses maps to pinpoint where everyone in the family is. This is a great tool for parent’s whose children are driving because it has a crash detection feature, driving analysis, 24/7 driver care system. There are buttons for quick communication and check-in to key areas or places.
  5. 2 Houses: This app allows parents to create a central place for contact info for important contacts, a central photo album, spending tracking for clothing, groceries, school, etc. It also has a section for to-do’s, a journal, and calendar.

Child Custody Made Easy

When you are facing a divorce and there are children involved, why not make it easy with a co-parenting communication tool? These tools eliminate the contention that often exists between separated or divorced parents. It will allow you to communicate without the fear of repercussions and can often be monitored by the courts if need be. Our team at R. Gregory Colvin, LLC can make the divorce process easier as well, by providing experience-backed legal counsel regarding child custody from divorce attorneys in Orlando.

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