Adultery and Divorce in Florida

Adultery and Divorce in Florida

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 26-Feb-2019

Does Adultery Affect Divorce in Florida?

Although Florida is a no-fault state for divorce, adultery does not go unnoticed when you are going through the divorce process. It can influence several aspects of your divorce including alimony, child custody and support, and distribution of assets. Adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another person who is not his or her spouse. Any sexual relationship that occurs outside of the marriage while one is married is considered adultery, even during the waiting period after filing for divorce. You are considered married until your divorce is final, even if you are separated.

If you need legal counsel for your divorce, and are worried about your spouse committing adultery, let our Orlando divorce attorney at R. Gregory Colvin, LLC help. We can work with you to protect your property and assets, and make sure that any child custody concerns are handled with your child’s best interests at heart. We know how frustrating and devastating it can be to discover that your spouse is cheating, so let us help you be strong through your divorce.

Things to Consider About Your Adulterous Spouse

If your spouse is cheating, and you are filing for divorce, there are a few things that will be brought into consideration as you determine division of assets, child custody, child support, and alimony. You will need to pay close attention, and to review, your joint accounts and your spouse’s activity from the time you believe that the affair began.

A few questions to consider include:

  • Are there large sums of money missing from savings or other accounts that your spouse may have used to support an extramarital affair?
  • Did your spouse spend “shared” money to purchase expensive gifts for his or her lover, or paramours?
  • Are there changes in account status or has money been hidden recently?
  • Is your spouse spending less time with the children lately, or exhibiting unfavorable parenting practices such as partying, spending several nights away from home, or acting intoxicated around your children?

The answers to the above questions may possibly affect the stipulations in your property division and child custody agreements. The court will take into consideration all provable actions and issues regarding money when determining the best interest of your children, as well as distribution of alimony. For example, if your retirement or savings accounts are ravaged because your spouse is spending money on their new love interest, you may be awarded more of the marital property to make up for it.

It Pays to Pay Attention

When you are facing divorce, pay close attention to how money is distributed and how your spouse is acting towards responsibilities and time with your children. Your divorce agreements can be greatly affected by these actions. It’s time for your spouse to be held accountable for his or her actions. If you are ready to move forward, and get on with your life, contact our dedicated, understand, and compassionate Orlando divorce attorney at R. Gregory Colvin, LLC.

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