License Suspensions for Past-Due Child Support in Orlando

License Suspensions for Past-Due Child Support in Orlando

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 6-Aug-2019

If you’re new to the child support process, it’s critical that you understand that all states are very aggressive about enforcing child support orders. While the balance threshold varies from state-to-state, the failure to pay child support can lead to wage garnishment, bank levies, liens, the taking of your lottery winnings and tax refund, the denial of a US passport, and various license suspensions.

Licenses are very important to Floridians, so for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on license suspensions and revocations that are caused by child support arrears. You see, all 50 states have laws that suspend or revoke noncustodial parents’ licenses after they fall behind on child support by a certain amount, and Florida is no exception.

“Each state imposes its own triggering criteria, meaning the amount of arrears the obligor (the person who owes child support) must owe in order for a license to be suspended; or the amount of time the obligor must be delinquent before suspension occurs,” according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

What Does Florida Law Say?

Under Florida law, the types of licenses that can be suspended for child support arrears include business licenses, driver licenses, occupational licenses (hunting and fishing), and professional licenses, but that’s not all. Vehicle and vessel registration can be affected as well.

If you are the obligor (the paying parent) and you fall behind on your monthly child support obligation, you have 30 days after the second notice to pay off the balance or reach an agreement about the child support arrears. If you fail to comply with the second notice, your applicable licenses (e.g. business, professional, and recreational) may be suspended as a result.

You have 20 days to get fully caught up on your past-due child support, or to enter into a written agreement to pay the child support arrears or to file a petition contesting the delinquency filing. Otherwise, adverse action may be taken against your driver license and vehicle registration.

Have a concern about your licenses and how they may be impacted by past-due child support in Orlando, Florida? Contact R. Gregory Colvin, LLC immediately for assistance!

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