What Documents Do I Need for My Divorce?

What Documents Do I Need for My Divorce?

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 16-Jul-2018

The divorce process can be complicated. Whether you go through mediation or litigation, you will need to provide necessary information during the discovery phase. This is necessary to make important decisions regarding the division of assets, property, and debts, spousal support, child support and custody, and other factors. Our firm has guided countless clients through the Florida legal system, and will help determine what documents you need to prepare for your divorce.

Preparing for the Discovery Phase – What You Need to Know

During the discovery phase, each party will provide documents regarding financial and personal matters. It is important for each party to be completely open and honest with the information, and to not try to hide any assets.

Documents you need to prepare for your divorce include:

  1. Information about your business. This includes corporate bylaws, shareholder or partnership contracts, corporate tax returns for the last 3 years, business property deeds and credit card statements, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets.
  2. Title deeds to property. You will need to provide property deeds, lists of valuables, titles for both joint and separately owned vehicles, and contents of safe deposit boxes.
  3. Personal records. These may include social security cards, death certificates of previous spouses, marriage licenses, birth certificates for you and your children, employment contracts, and divorce records of previous marriages.
  4. Financial documents. You will need to provide documents regarding any investment or retirement accounts, property leases, bank statements, tax returns, household budgets, pay stubs, insurance policies, and loan documents.
  5. Evidence of fault (if applicable). If your divorce is based on the fault of your spouse, such as adultery or abandonment, you will need to provide evidence of the fault. Evidence may include witness statements, copies of written communications like text messages or emails, photographs, and other documentation.

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