What Not to Do During Divorce

What Not to Do During Divorce

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 1-Jan-2018

So often, we hear of divorce horror stories which leave all involved scarred for life. This is best prevented by heeding the advice of your Orlando divorce lawyer, as well as by remaining as cautious as possible in any and all decisions you make. Resolving this legal dispute will ultimately be easier when you commit to being as amicable as you can be with your ex-spouse, while keeping your eyes open for any possible mishaps. Prevention is the best protection, which is why you shouldn’t be hasty in any of your personal, professional, financial, or emotional steps forward.

The following are things you should not do during divorce, including but not limited to:

  • Forget to change your will, which can be disastrous if your spouse remains even after your marriage is long over
  • Fail to seek emotional help, such as in seeing a therapist
  • Fail to seek financial counsel, particularly when it comes to your retirement and your taxes
  • Post about the details on social media, including angry or emotional status updates regarding your current life transition
  • Disregard your child’s feelings or role in the matter
  • Refuse to communicate with your ex, as this can make matters far more complicated

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