The Complexities of Gray Divorce

The Complexities of Gray Divorce

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 10-Jan-2018

Gray divorce is becoming more common now than ever. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this refers to people who decide to end their marriage at a later stage in life, generally regarding baby boomers. Though it initially referred to those who have been married for a decade or 2, if not longer, it now also refers to those who are getting a divorce over the age of 50, regardless of how long the marriage lasted.

Many people who get divorced at this later stage in life choose to do so because they have been wanting a separation for a long period of time, and simply wanted to wait until their children were grown up and more stable. It may also be because of a need to restart one’s life at the 2nd half, and marriage is the most impactful way to do so.

However, gray divorce offers a number of unique complexities in both the financial and emotional sense. Financially speaking, your retirement may be at stake if you don’t proceed with the proper precautions. On the emotional side, it can be quite jarring to start from scratch when you have spent years with one person. You will have to stick close to family and friends, as holidays may be particularly difficult.

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