Why Paternity Matters

Why Paternity Matters

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 9-Mar-2017

Paternity involves a number of factors, particularly responsibility. Without formally declaring paternity, the mother of the child will be assuming full financial and social care of the child, which she may not be able to do on her own. Here are a few reasons establishing paternity is important.

Financial Support

Any people who have a child together are responsible for that child by law unless they give him or her up for adoption. Children are expensive; they require food, shelter, clothes, education, and medical care until they are of age. One parent is less able to completely care for a child, particularly if he or she is single. Establishing paternity, therefore, give the court a solid piece of evidence that connects the child and the father. The father will then be equally financially responsible for the life that he helped create.

Access to Medical Records

If the parents are still together but unmarried, paternity will place the father’s name on the birth certificate. This will allow him to access the relevant family medical records of his child without any further legal complications.

Medical and Life Insurance Coverage

Men who wish to put their kids on their health insurance or life insurance policies must be listed as their father before they can do so. Establishing paternity makes this an easy process, as the father’s name will then be on the birth certificate.

Legal Rights

Unmarried fathers have no legal rights with regards to their children until they complete a paternity acknowledgment process. Until then, they can’t petition the court for custody, visitation, or rights to participate in the child’s life. For example, if the mother intends to move far away with the child, the father has no legal recourse to prevent this unless he is listed as the biological father.

Child’s Rights

Apart from legal rights, establishing paternity is also in the child’s wellbeing. Not only will it help build and solidify their identity, but it will inform both mother and child of any potential genetic medical problems that they may have to expect in the future. For example, if parents are unsure of their child’s paternity, but one potential father has Huntington’s disease, the child has a 50% of inheriting the illness. They need to know for sure whether or not the child is at risk.

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