Fighting for Partial or Joint Child Custody in Your Divorce

Fighting for Partial or Joint Child Custody in Your Divorce

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 31-Jan-2017

Entering in your divorce, you probably expected that your spouse would want to share child custody to make both of your lives easier. After all, family law courts in all states tend to lean towards joint custody to start since this is usually beneficial for a developing child. But now you have learned that your spouse does not want to share parenting time, calling for sole child custody rights on their behalf and leaving you to nothing more than a visitation schedule. What can you do to challenge this request and uphold your parental rights to child custody?

Appealing to Better Judgement

The groundwork of your argument for joint custody does not need to be complex. Keep it focused on the same reasons why the family law court defaults at a 50-50 child custody plan if no agreement can be made. Refine your argument and reasoning with a family law attorney to round it out and strengthen it against any counterpoints your spouse might bring up.

Reasons to argue for shared child custody include:

  • Happier child: Although it is difficult to empirically scale the happiness of a child, numerous psychological studies and family psychiatrist reviews have shown that a child’s personality and mindset develops better when raised by both parents, divorced or not. Completely shutting away one parent tends to make a child alienate that parent and increase their frustrations.
  • Lighter expenses: Even with a fair child support payment plan established, it is generally more difficult on both parents’ pocketbooks to bear the financial burden of raising a child when sole custody is decided. Joint custody makes it simpler to split the usual costs in most cases, and it does not disqualify the parent who makes less income from receiving child support.
  • Easier schedules: Everyone needs some time to save for themselves and personal projects. A parent with sole child custody will discover that “me time” is all but extinct. Through a joint custody decision, neither parent is completely bogged down and “on-call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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