What is a Parenting Plan?

What is a Parenting Plan?

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 1-Feb-2017

Getting divorced is never a simple process. The constant negotiation and disagreement can lead to substantial emotional turmoil throughout the process. But perhaps nobody is more emotionally impacted in a divorce than children who are caught in the middle of it all. If you are getting divorced and have children, you will be required to create a parenting plan in order to define how both you and your spouse will contribute to the upbringing of your children after your divorce is finalized.

What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a written document that you must create as part of your divorce if you and your spouse have children. This document is extremely important, as it will define how you will care for and raise your child, when you will spend time with them, and who has certain parenting responsibilities. Because so many aspects of this document can be contentious and both parents want to remain involved, creation of a parenting plan can be difficult and require careful negotiation.

Often times the terms of this document will heavily depend on the type of child custody and any child support awards that your family law judge issues. Since sole custody is usually pretty rare, it’s very likely that you and your spouse will be required to determine how you will split parental duties, how you will make important decisions, and when and how long your child will spend with each of you. Courts try very hard to keep both parents involved in the lives of children as much as possible.

What Should Be Included?

Your parenting plan should be as unique as your circumstances and your relationship to your child. While the terms of your plan should be individually tailored to your exact needs, you should make sure you include a few basic terms and tenants in your agreement.

  • A visitation schedule, including terms for holidays and special circumstances
  • A method of communication in the event of a special exception or an emergency
  • Determining how a child will receive necessary benefits, such as medical coverage
  • Determining how a child will be raised religiously (if parents follow different faiths)
  • Behaviors that are and are not appropriate for exposing the child to

When creating a parenting plan, it’s important that you make a genuine effort to cooperate, negotiate, and work with your ex. Being at their throat throughout the process will prevent you from creating an agreement that truly places your child’s best interests first, and likewise result in the court possibly needing to intervene, which rarely ends well for the non-cooperative parent.

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