Responding to False & Damaging Accusations in a Child Custody Dispute

Responding to False & Damaging Accusations in a Child Custody Dispute

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 2-Feb-2017

A parent will go to any length for the benefit of his or her children. While this is normally seen as a good thing, it can spoiled by a parent that makes up false accusations about his or her spouse during a divorce in an attempt to win sole child custody. Have you found yourself in such a situation? Try not to get frustrated – keep a level head and think about how you are going to respond to the accusations, and what you can do to back up your own claims.

Find Evidence to Work on Your Behalf

When you hear a false accusation, you certainly know it holds no merit but no one else does, including the family law court. If you want to challenge it and shut it down before it can become a serious problem that affects your divorce proceeding, you will need to rely on solid evidence to the contrary.

Consider these sources of information to use in your defense or argument:

  • Criminal record: Has your spouse made a false accusation regarding your past, or claimed that you have committed an act of domestic violence? When you are painted as a dangerous individual, you can turn to your criminal record to prove otherwise. If you have a clean record or one that includes no convictions for violent crimes, you should show it to the court.
  • Medical record: Some spouses will accused their husbands or wives of being physically unable to bear the burden of raising a child. Were you accused of having some sort of health condition that would make it difficult to “keep up” with your children? A comprehensive look at your medical records can prove otherwise.
  • Employment record: One of the most common and most hurtful false accusations is claiming that you are a “deadbeat”, or someone who is too financially irresponsible to raise a child. Use your employment record, and maybe even your current savings accounts, to argue that you are, indeed, financially ready for the responsibility of being a divorced parent.

Retain 25+ Years of Legal Experience

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse has gone so far as to use false accusations to try to win child custody, then you can expect that they will fit tooth-and-nail to uphold that argument. Collecting evidence to show your own accountability is more than useful, but it might not be enough against a particularly stubborn spouse. To really turn the tables in your favor and keep them that way, you will want to have a legal professional in your corner.

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