How to Avoid Going to Court when Divorcing

How to Avoid Going to Court when Divorcing

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 1-Dec-2017

If you and your spouse have decided to move forward with a divorce, you might be concerned about the process and having to go to court. Considering how often divorce is portrayed in television and in movies as a grueling and nasty court battle that goes on forever, it is a natural fear to have, but most divorces are actually able to settle outside of a courtroom. Unless you are involved in a heated and highly contentious divorce in which you and your spouse absolutely cannot find a way to agree on anything, chances are you can work together on a settlement that satisfies both of your needs and wants.

There are several ways for divorcing spouses to stay out of court. Here are a couple of them:

  • Mediation: When a divorcing couple chooses this approach, they will work with a neutral mediator who will facilitate negotiations regarding all aspects of the divorce. He or she might not be an attorney, but will most definitely be well-versed in divorce and family law. For this to effectively work, it is critical for the mediator not to advocate for either party. Both spouses can, if they wish, still choose to have an attorney present during these sessions. Additionally, it is recommended that each spouse consults with their respective attorney before signing the final divorce settlement agreement.
  • Collaborative Divorce: When both spouses agree to work out a divorce settlement without going to court, this is a collaborative divorce. During this process, both parties will have their attorney present. Their role will be to advise and assist their client in negotiating a settlement agreement. It is also possible for a collaborative divorce to involve other neutral professionals, such as a divorce financial planner or a divorce coach, to help guide both spouses through complicated financial issues or emotionally charged issues.

Not only does keeping your divorce out of the courtroom ultimately cost you less in terms of money, stress, and heartache, but it can also help reduce the animosity between you and your soon-to-be former spouse. If you share children, maintaining a civil and cooperative relationship with your ex-spouse will be important as a co-parent for the well-being of your children.

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