How Can Dating Affect My Divorce Settlement?

How Can Dating Affect My Divorce Settlement?

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 21-Aug-2017

Divorces can be a painful, emotional process. A new relationship may seem like just the thing to ease the frustration and heartbreak you may be feeling, but can a new partner affect your divorce proceedings? If you are contemplating a new relationship before your divorce is finalized, you should consider how this choice may affect your divorce settlement. Find out how dating can affect your divorce.

Financial Consequences

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means that there doesn’t have to be a reason that one spouse caused the other to seek the divorce. Legally, you are able to date during a divorce, however, it can still cause complications. If you spend marital funds on your new partner, you may be accused of wasteful dissipation of marital assets. Some judges may also disapprove of your actions, and may not settle your divorce in your favor.

If you and your spouse are physically separated, and you are living with your new partner, you may also not be awarded the spousal support you desire, because it may be assumed that you and your new partner are splitting expenses and you will need less support. If you are hoping to be awarded the marital home, but you are living with a new partner elsewhere, it isn’t likely that you will receive the home in your settlement. If you are concerned about how your new relationship may affect your case, consult your divorce attorney for advice. They may be able to help you make an informed decision about your situation.

Child Support and Custody Consequences

If you and your spouse have children, you will also be negotiating for the custody of your children and child support. If your new partner will be around your children frequently, they may also be scrutinized by the court. The court will be likely to investigate whether your new partner has a past of accusations of domestic abuse or history of other criminal actions, and may be reluctant to award you the child custody or visitation plans you desire. If you choose to pursue your new relationship, you may want to wait to introduce your new partner to your children until after the divorce is finalized.

Additionally, if you are planning to co-parent your children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it is in your best interest to remain on friendly terms. Not only can this make it easier for you to navigate parenting with an ex, but it can help reduce stress for your children. If you are able to interact with your children’s other parent in a cordial manner, your future parenting experience will most likely be more positive. It can be difficult to remain a good relationship with your spouse after the divorce, especially if they see that you are quick to replace them with a new partner.

Emotional Consequences

It is understandable that you may feel hurt, unwanted, frustrated, or angry during the divorce process. These emotions are a natural and common reaction to a breakup, particularly when you have been heavily invested in the relationship. You may want to seek a new partner to soothe your hurt feelings, or to rile up your spouse. Whatever is the reason for your decision, you should remember to consider how this new relationship may affect your future.

You may also be more eager to end your divorce quickly so you can start a new life with your new partner. Be certain that you don’t accept a settlement that won’t meet your needs, simply to be free of your current spouse. Your new relationship shouldn’t jeopardize your future, and it is important to protect your own interests, even if it means waiting for your current relationship to be resolved. A new relationship can result in a difficult, bitter fight for your divorce. If you are hoping to end your marriage peacefully, it may be best to wait to start a new relationship.

If you are considering a new relationship before your divorce is over, be sure to speak with your lawyer about your decision. They can help guide you and help you protect your divorce settlement. It may not be illegal for you to pursue a new relationship, but it can certainly harm your case if you are not careful. Your attorney can help you understand the implications a new relationship can have on your divorce, so you can make an informed decision.

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