Is Divorcing Before or After the Holidays the Right Choice?

Is Divorcing Before or After the Holidays the Right Choice?

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 30-Sep-2016

The holiday season is once again a stone’s throw away. If you blink, it will be here. Perhaps it has snuck up on you because you are preoccupied with thoughts of getting a divorce? Now you are stuck with the dilemma that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads with uncertainty: do you file for divorce before the holidays, or wait until after the season passes?

Many people swear by holding off your divorce until January or February. They feel that introducing a divorce while everyone was preparing for Thanksgiving or buying holiday gifts would “ruin the mood” or the spirit. While their beliefs are certainly valid, here are five reasons you should get your divorce started sooner than later, even if the holidays are a breath away.

  1. Hard to hide it: Your family and close friends could probably pick you out from a million people, while they were blindfolded. Trying to put on a smiling face to hide your desire to end your marriage just won’t work on them. Rather than attempting to fool your loved ones into thinking everything is fine, you should lean on them while you prepare for the legal path ahead.
  2. Problems here and there: Plenty of people say they want to put off their divorce because they’ve already planned a holiday vacation. What is the point of a vacation if you can’t relax and enjoy it because the whole time you are thinking about divorce? Your marital struggles won’t suddenly get better because you’re in a different hemisphere.
  3. No perfect present: A new car, necklace, computer, what-have-you is a nice gesture to give to your spouse and to receive, but if you can’t see yourself staying in the marriage now, not even the best gift in the world can repair that relationship. Don’t hold onto your marriage just because you think the presents under the tree are going to make things better.
  4. Full house: Families across the country usually celebrate the holidays by packing everyone under one roof for a few days. It can be a great way to connect with relatives and loved ones, if everyone is happy when they arrive. If it is hard to stomach the idea of living in a full house with your spouse, delaying your divorce will only make it worse.
  5. Over and out: In Florida, a simple, uncontested divorce can actually be concluded in as little as 20 days, which is the waiting period the state’s courts set. If you and your spouse completely agree on the terms of your divorce, you could file and be done with the process before the holidays even arrive. Of course, this is pretty rare and most divorces will take a few months or a year. If you wait until the holidays are over, all you really are doing is adding more time onto a marriage you are no longer happy with.

If you aren’t sure if you want to begin your divorce, or how to even do that, you can come to R. Gregory Colvin LLC and our Orlando divorce lawyer for help. With more than 25 years of dedicated legal experience and representation provided to clients in similar situations, you can trust that our counsel and guidance are well-founded and sincere. Contact us online or call 407.603.3460 today to learn more.

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