Telling Young Children About Divorce

Telling Young Children About Divorce

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 24-Oct-2016

Once your divorce becomes official, you should probably start telling everyone in your family that needs to know. This includes your young children who might have the most difficult time understanding and coping with what is happening to your marriage. While every parent will need to have the “divorce talk” with their kids, it does not need to be stressful, awkward, or embarrassing.

Keep these hints and tips in mind when talking to young children about divorce:

  • Let them know: Putting off telling your kids about your divorce until the “right moment” is an effective way to build stress as you delay the inevitable. Rather than dancing around the subject, schedule a time and date you know you’ll have ample time for discussion and stick to it. You will be so relieved once it is over.
  • Togetherness: Looks like you have one last group effort between yourself and your ex-spouse – the divorce talk with your children. Coming forward with the news as a unified front can dramatically ease the tension and fears your child may have experienced otherwise.
  • Basic details: There isn’t much benefit to getting into the specifics with your kids of why you want a divorce. Just keep things simple, let them know that it isn’t a fast or easy decision, and give them a basic idea of what they can expect in the weeks or months to come. If heated arguments led to your decision to divorce, you can tell your child that those will be coming to an end, too.
  • No one’s fault: When your child inevitably asks who is to blame for your divorce, it is important that you always let them know that it is no one’s fault in particular, but especially not theirs. Your children don’t need to know about infidelity, fights, stealing, and so on. If you tell them that the other parent is a liar and a cheat, they could start to think that reflects on themselves as well. To keep it simple, just blame it on no one.

At R. Gregory Colvin LLC, our Orlando divorce attorneys can help you resolve your divorce case with the goal of keeping things amicable. We want you and your family to feel happy and comfortable at the end of it all. By delivering compassionate and knowledgeable legal support, we believe we can make this as easy for you and your young children as possible.

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