Tips for a Parent in a Child Custody Battle

Tips for a Parent in a Child Custody Battle

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 30-Jun-2016

Entering into a child custody battle with a stubborn ex-spouse can certainly feel as if you are actually stepping into a gladiatorial arena. You might not know who you can depend on and the stakes are certainly quite high: the comfort and wellbeing of your child. Most parents end up feeling understandably stressed and confused by the entire situation. But this doesn’t have to be the case for your child custody case so long as you keep a few useful tips in mind throughout the process.

  1. For your kids: More than anything else, you must remember that a child custody agreement is meant to benefit your children first and foremost. Your concerns and those of your spouse will take a backseat when compared to the needs of your children. This is how the court will rule and how you should start thinking about it.
  2. Keep the peace: Child custody cases are often referred to as battles but you don’t have to let it devolve into insults and heated arguments. Do your best to remain civil and you will be amazed with how much easier the entire thing can play out. Additionally, children who see parents working together tend to feel happier when the divorce is finalized.
  3. Future changes: Can you foresee any significant changes to your lifestyle on the horizon? Child custody disputes can be simplified if you anticipate what will need to be addressed later down the line. If you are going to need to move across the state for your job, for example, it may be better to reward full custody to your spouse and give yourself regular visitations.

If you need to prepare yourself for a child custody battle, you will also benefit from entering it with a legal professional at your side. Call 407.603.3460 and connect with R. Gregory Colvin, LLC. Our Orlando divorce attorney can assist you with any questions and concerns you have with your child custody agreement, as we have been doing for more than 25 years. You can also begin with a free case evaluation to learn your rights as a parent going through a child custody dispute.

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