Top Reasons for Divorce in the United States

Top Reasons for Divorce in the United States

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 7-Jul-2016

Divorce throughout the 50 States is based on a “no-fault” system, which means that people can end their marriages whenever they want and for whatever reason they want. The open ambiguity of the legal side of divorcing does not mean that there are no specific reasons for divorce. In fact, there are some top reasons why people choose to end their marriage, even though they often do not specifically state it in divorce paperwork.

Some of the top reasons American couples get divorced, in no particular order, are:

  1. Dependence: Couples that become so dependent on one another that they start to lose their individual identities have a hard time lasting in the long run. It is healthy and encouraged to have the things you like and the things your spouse likes without forcing an overlap of interests.
  2. Wrong motivation: Many divorcing couples feel like they were motivated to go through with the wedding just because it had already been planned, or they had already started working on their dream home together. Being motivated to get married just for the sake of being married is generally not the groundwork of a lasting marriage.
  3. Parents more than spouses: Raising children is a full time job that demands more of you than anything else, and in ways you have probably not encountered before. Many couples who divorce later in a marriage say that they became so focused on being a good parent, they lost sight of being a happy spouse. This is especially troublesome once children become old enough to take care of themselves and the parents start spending time with one another again, but find they no longer connect.
  4. Changing expectations: Everyone has a vision of their own success and how they want their spouse to fit into that equation, which means your spouse has their unique expectations, too. When your ideals start to shift away from theirs, it can be difficult to close up that rift and continue share the same vision.
  5. Intimacy, or lack thereof: Men and women alike tend to equate intimacy and romance with feelings of love and appreciation. If conflicting schedules and typical complications that come with married life reduce the frequency of a couple’s private moments together, one or both of them may start to misread it as a lack of love and interest, ultimately spiraling down into the want for divorce. It is important to realize that casual intimacy, such as kisses out of the door and holding hands in public, also help subconsciously strengthen a marriage on a daily basis.
  6. Financial disagreements: If one person spends often and the other wants to save, the marriage is in for a rough go. Both spouses need to be in agreement with how their money will be used, especially if they have agreed to create a joint savings account.
  7. Arguments: Perhaps the most obvious reason on this list, frequent arguments can drive a couple apart in a hurry. Conflict resolution is a skill that takes time to master. Without it, spouses can think their small disagreements are indications of a dysfunctional marriage and start thinking about divorce.

If you are going through a divorce for one of the aforementioned reasons, or for some that are not on the list, you can turn to R. Gregory Colvin, LLC for legal guidance and representation. Our Orlando divorce attorney works hard each day to ensure that our clients are happy, comfortable, and satisfied by the time their divorce is finalized.

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