What to Expect During a Divorce

What to Expect During a Divorce

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 11-Nov-2015

Whether you were the one who decided to file for divorce or it was due to your spouse’s actions, you are probably in for a bumpy ride. Even uncontested divorces started by both spouses can turn quickly into a swirling sea of turmoil and confusion once legal matters start coming into play. Rather than feeling upset or ashamed that you aren’t quite in control or that you don’t exactly know what is going on, take a moment to learn about some of the things you probably can expect during your divorce. Knowing them now might just help you find smoother sailing in the days and weeks to come.

  1. Unrealistic timelines: Most people only know about divorce proceedings from what they see in the media. What these often do not portray is just how long a divorce case, especially one that is contested, can drag out. Do not expect things to be over in the blink of an eye and try to remain patient.
  2. Relocation: You and your spouse clearly won’t be living together after your divorce finalizes, but which one of you is going to move out? Consider your options ahead of time in case you are not rewarded your home.
  3. Children’s needs: Out of everything on this list, the one thing you can certainly expect is for your divorce to affect your children and their emotions. Whether you win primary child custody rights or not, you should set aside time to be with and talk to your children, before and after the divorce finalizes.
  4. Financial changes: When two married people split, standards of living are going to be shaken up for both parties. In an effort to offset the severity of these changes, the court will probably award child support or alimony to either you or your spouse, depending on who has a lesser income.
  5. Future friendships: Although things could be considerably bad right now – bad enough to prompt the dissolution of your marriage – you should not expect current levels of animosity to endure. Even as your divorce proceeds, you may begin to feel more comfortable around your ex-spouse. Just from a non-legal standpoint, allowing yourself the opportunity to forge a friendship with your ex in the future can be a major benefit, not only to your own wellbeing but to any children you share together as well.

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