Fathers Seeking Custody of Their Children

Fathers Seeking Custody of Their Children

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 18-Nov-2015

Did you know that in the past, courts were actually encouraged to reward child custody rights to mothers whenever it involved a child aged five years or younger? This did not take into account any other determining factors that are undoubtedly important to the raising of a child, such as financial stability or attachment to one parent or the other. While that regulation is no longer held by any state, a seemingly disproportionate number of child custody cases are ruled in the mother’s favor. So what is going on? Are fathers at an unfair disadvantage when seeking custody of their children?

Potential Social Biases in the Divorce Court

It might come as some surprise, but many divorce cases actually involve a father who concedes primary custody rights to the mother. Not every example includes a father who thinks his ex-wife will have more time or a stronger connection with their children, however. Sometimes a father does not put up a fight simply because he does not believe it is one that he can win due to preexisting social biases.

For a long time, the idea of nurturing has been synonymous with being a mother, while being strict or detached has been pegged onto a fatherly role. These are both stereotypes, of course, and yet they influence people all the same. If a presiding divorce court judge cannot see any clear indication as to why the father should get primary custody, an unheard, unspoken voice in their mind can unfairly tip their decision towards the mother. Put simply, fathers still seem to be at a disadvantage, whether it is obvious or not.

Evening the Scales with Professional Help

If you are a father going through a divorce, you need to understand and defend your rights. At R. Gregory Colvin, LLC, our Orlando divorce attorney is not afraid to stand up and fight on your behalf, no matter how strong the opposition may be. You deserve an even playing field when it comes to something as important as living with and raising your children, and we are prepared to do all we can to support you.

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