Kids and Divorce During the Holidays

Kids and Divorce During the Holidays

Posted By R. Gregory Colvin LLC || 10-Dec-2015

For children whose parents have recently split, the holidays are likely to be an emotionally tumultuous time. As routines changes and traveling between separate households becomes the new norm, this once joyous time of year can prove to be bittersweet. Fortunately, there are a number of things that parents can do to help their children cope with divorce during the holiday season. If you and your spouse have recently experienced a divorce or are in the beginning stages of separation, the following tips can all help make this time easier on your kids.

1.Maintain traditions: For kids, the change in routine after a divorce can be extremely difficult to handle. If your family had any holiday traditions prior to your divorce, it is important that you make an effort to continue to honor these events to help ease this transition.

2.Do not compete with gifts: If your family exchanges gifts during the holidays, do not compete with your spouse to win your children’s favor with extravagant gifts. Doing this will likely make your children feel pressured to choose a side, breeding feelings of guilt.

3.Listen to your children: Divorce is a complex emotional process to deal with, especially for children. Allow them to express their feelings and freely and listen to what they have to say. Even if you do not agree with them, validating their feelings can do a great deal of good.

4.Plan separate days for each parent: Your children do not have to see both of you on the same day, and they probably shouldn’t. Planning for your kids to see you and your spouse on separate days during the holidays allows them to spend quality time with both parents rather than short, unsatisfactory visits. Scheduling these visits about a month in advance can help create a sense of stability during this hectic time.

5.Video chat if possible: If visitation and custody arrangements make it so you cannot physically be present during the holidays, using methods such as Skype and FaceTime can allow you to see your children and wish them well in your absence. While this may seem small, letting your children know you still care can be a powerful gesture towards rebuilding any damage a divorce may have caused.

6.Do not speak ill of your ex: The holidays should be about you building your relationship with your kids, not sabotaging their relationship with your ex-spouse. Your children will likely still love their mother or father, even if you do not feel the same way.

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